Help & FAQ

Date of last revision: 3rd January, 2023

  1. How do I register as a merchant?

    To become a part of the Scontoverse, reach out to with your brand name and contact information, and we will get in touch!

  2. Why can’t my staff access certain features?

    The Merchant dashboard has three roles: Owner, Store Manager, and Staff (in decreasing order of privileges). Hence, Staff role members cannot access some features specific to Store Manager and Owner roles.

  3. How can I add a store?

    You can add a store by requesting the same with your business relationship manager. The contact information for your business relationship manager can be found in the original onboarding email. In case of any further queries, feel free to reach out to

  4. Can I add multiple store managers?

    Yes, you can add multiple store managers for a single store!

  5. Can I change my store location?

    Yes! The owner can edit the store location from the merchant dashboard. Go to the Store location page and update the store’s address whose location you want to change. Once done, issue a request for the same, and our team will update it post-verification.

  6. Can I have separate discounts for each product or service?

    Yes! You can configure the discount for each product or service during creation, or by editing the product section in the Merchant Dashboard section.

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